Welcome to my Congressional Campaign Website


Dear Friend,

I am honored to be running to represent the First District in Congress and to have the support of our current Representative, Wally Herger, who is retiring.

The First district is vast and unique. I consider it the real California. A place where family values, hard work and individual responsibility are still the norm. These are not the values of Washington, D.C., but they should be.

As a fourth generation farmer here in our district, I won’t let Washington change my values. I will always fight for what I believe in and for the best interests of my district and our country.

As your new representative in Washington, D.C., I will work to:  Stop the spending spree and the misguided bailouts; Repeal unnecessary regulations that are a roadblock to economic growth; Increase water storage and delivery; and Stand up for our conservative values and our Constitutional rights.

I would be honored to receive your vote.


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