Doug LaMalfa Issues Statement on Governor Granting Illegal Immigrants Drivers Licenses

(Oroville, CA) Governor Jerry Brown today signed AB 2189 a bill that grants some illegal immigrants California Drivers Licenses. The move guts a law passed in 2003 that overturned Gray Davis’ attempt to give all those in California illegally licenses.

AB 2189 is an effort by Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, author of several previous related measures, to incrementally give drivers licenses to all illegal immigrants. The current legislation is based on an executive order from President Obama that bypassed the legislative process of the elected Congress to give temporary legal status to many younger illegal immigrants.

“Our nation must address immigration in a meaningful manner and stop promoting illegal behavior. On one hand California gives generous benefits including Cal Grants, in-state tuition breaks and now drivers licenses to violators of the laws of our country that could be subject to prosecution. We need a clear and enforceable policy that promotes legal immigration and doesn’t reward illegal immigration.

“Today’s actions by the Governor are simply another slap at those who seek to immigrate legally and obey the laws of our country. How is it right to tell people who want to legally immigrate to go to the back of the line while the state rewards those who break the very laws we ask all to follow?”

“Finally, let’s get this straight…Arizona cannot enforce existing federal laws to crack down on illegal immigration but California can give away taxpayer financed benefits? The state has a $16+ billion deficit. Yet, the Governor signals with his signature that the state can find money for a high speed train boondoggle and these new extra benefits for those who break immigration laws but also threaten citizens to vote for tax increases to fund their children’s education.”

Doug LaMalfa is a fourth generation rice farmer and the Republican candidate for California’s First Congressional District.

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