Issues and Solutions


Fighting for North State water

Water is the lifeblood of the North State and I will always protect our water from those who seek to take it. I am working hard to build new water storage including Sites Reservoir. My language to federally authorize the construction of Sites, guarantee more water for the North State and protect us from water grabs has been included in every water bill considered in Congress. I have earned the support Republicans and Democrats, Senators and Representatives for the protections I crafted.

Building new storage projects is a win on every level. We gain more water for our communities, agriculture and the environment while creating good paying jobs. Storage is something we need every year, either for flood protection or drought relief.


Spending is out of control; in the past four years our nation has added over $6 trillion in new debt.  This is not a one party spending problem, both have been complicit in increasing spending dramatically.  Today, America faces $16 trillion in debt, and much of it to foreign countries hostile to our freedom and way of life.  Now is the time we must face these challenges, to simply put off the dealing with this debt only makes it worse.

One way to deal with it is to scale back the federal government and return to the private sector any job done by the federal government that is duplicated by a business.  Another is to reduce the duplicative regulations by dueling agencies, such as in Siskiyou County where US Fish and Wildlife, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and US EPA all try to regulate water use.  These agencies cannot agree on the regulations and disagree with the state while the rancher is stuck in the middle.  They cost jobs and cost too much to have so many overlapping agencies.


It is not the taxpayers fault that government overspends.  Increasing tax rates or creating new types of taxes will harm our fragile economy and cause more local businesses to cut jobs or close entirely.  America needs to promote growth in our economy and that means keeping taxes low.  We do not need more tax rate increases we need more taxpayers.

I am proud to have consistently fought against higher taxes and pledge to you, the citizens of the north state, not to increase your taxes.

The Constitution

America’s founding fathers created a balance, one of individual rights, states rights and limited federal government.  Our Constitution sets forth that government is designed to protect our individual rights and that all power belongs to the people- Not bestowed by Government.

I view my role as that of a representative of the people, someone who fights for them against the excesses of government or those who would violate their rights endowed by our creator and the constitution.

The Second Amendment

I am an ardent defender of our Second Amendment rights.  I believe firmly in the individual right to keep and bear arms.  I will fight any attempt to water down or weaken our rights, while pushing to ensure our rights to hunt and defend ourselves are expanded.

I am proud to have earned an A rating and the endorsements of the NRA and Gun Owners of America.

Foreign Aid

America should not fund our enemies.  I find it unconscionable that Americans should sacrifice from their families as well as our courageous military members to support those who oppose our way of life and freedom.  If a country cannot stand with America publicly, defend our embassies, oppose terrorists, and be a partner on the world stage we should not give financial or military aid.  Given recent attacks against American interests around the world we should cut off all foreign aid to those countries.

I support humanitarian aid in the form of food and medicine to those in need when and where appropriate.


America needs a clear and enforceable policy that promotes legal immigration and doesn’t reward illegal immigration. Amnesty is not an acceptable option. Everyone who enters the country needs to have legal documentation.

The current policy does not work and America sends a mixed message when it says to those who come here illegally: don’t come but if you do we’ll provide drivers licenses and in state tuition or a sanctuary city to live in.


America’s veterans deserve our respect and our commitment to them needs to be unwavering.  These men and women have fought, sacrificed and died to keep our country free and safe.  I will fight to ensure they receive the care and treatments they were promised in a prompt and timely manner.  As well as the proper equipment on the front lines.

Social Security and Medicare

We must keep our promise to America’s seniors.  Older Americans have spent their lives contributing to the system and expecting that guarantee for them in retirement.   In Washington I will work to ensure that Social Security and Medicare continue to be viable programs that are stable and self-sufficient.

In 2010 for the first time in history Social Security spent more in payments than it received in receipts.  Doing nothing in the long term will lead to a total collapse of the system and is completely unacceptable.  Congress should work to preserve the benefits that those at or near retirement have planned their lives around, while also guaranteeing that future generations have the ability to control and plan for their eventual retirements.

In repealing Obamacare we will immediately overturn the $718 billion cut made to Medicare.  Cutting the cost of doing business is critical, that includes addressing defensive medicine, malpractice reform, and increasing competition.  Additionally allowing more consumer choice and competition across state lines will help to lower medical costs for all Americans.

Energy Policy

America needs a coherent energy policy that promotes the domestic production of energy. For the last four years this administration has done everything in its power to prevent new domestic oil and natural gas from coming to market especially on our public lands where vast reserves are known, and the ridiculously high gas prices we see are a direct result.

Five-dollar gas is a direct result of failed government policies that must change now and these outrageous prices affect everyone in our state and drive up the cost of business as well as break the family budget.. In Washington I will fight for the wise use of our domestic resources so that Americans have the benefit of lower prices at the pump and lower power bills at home. There are simple common sense solutions that will help our economy while keeping our environment clean.

Common Sense Solutions:

Support Increasing production in an environmentally-safe way:
Expand exploration of natural gas, oil, and coal by removing restrictions and opening new land Promote clean coal-to-liquid and remove outdated regulations restricting our vast oil shale reserves Use new domestic production to reduce foreign imports (often from those unfriendly to America) and reduce the price at the pump, including the keystone pipeline.

Develop new, clean, and reliable sources of power:
Clean-burning natural gas Hydroelectric power is the cheapest, most reliable and cleanest power available I support wind, solar, biomass and geothermal where and when cost competitive.

Cut red tape and increase supply:
Expedite the energy production permitting process. We cannot be afraid to properly site and expand our nuclear energy capabilities. Improve environmental review so it is not a roadblock.




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